Mooney Aircraft


Buying or selling an airplane is an emotional experience.  I have been on both sides of the fence having bought a Mooney Ovation during the value upswing and sold in a so-called depressed market.  This experience along with years in a retail sales business, a passion for airplanes and encouragement from a Mooney service center is what prompted me to dedicate my life to aircraft sales. It didn’t hurt that Bruce Jaeger,, a long time Mooney training specialist and friend offered to help.  Well into my ninth year now, I am even more convinced that I made the right decision.

Specializing in the Mooney airplane has enabled me to focus on the merits of the most efficient airplanes ever built at a time of high energy costs. I’m also excited about a relationship with a premier Beechcraft sales and service facility.  The Strategic Aircraft Sales name was selected for a reason.  It is my goal to sell airplanes, not just advertise and this requires a strategy for each aircraft and customer.  A similar strategy can be used when helping a prospect search for that one right airplane.  The key is education and I have gained the personal experience and contacts to make it work.  As there are no do-overs, that first decision is critical.

Analyzing the market and observing aircraft sales practices around this country has helped me develop a unique sales program.  Key points are:

  • Pre-qualification by experienced manufacturer specific specialists
  • Advertised price based on prequalification results, in-depth analysis of the market and comparison to other aircraft
  • Knowing that whether you are buying or selling, my success depends on your satisfaction
  • Learning all there is to know about an airplane before writing a strategic ad
  • Relationships with service and training specialists
  • Whether buying or selling, working with a small company specializing in only two products has its advantages
  • Significant growing data base of interested purchasers
  • Realizing the importance of communication

If you are looking for that special airplane or its time to sell or trade, I am ready to work for you.   Located at the Willmar Airport (BDH), Willmar, MN, I can be reached at phone # (612) 220-3963 or email