Mooney Aircraft

Time to sell or trade your Mooney?

Buying or selling an airplane is a life changing and sometimes difficult experience.  The decision to market on your own or hire someone to help can dramatically impact your life.  At Strategic Aircraft, we have the experience, knowledge and contacts to make a difference.  Our mission would be to sell your airplane, not just advertise.  To follow are a few major points to consider.

  • Company owner, Tim Lundquist, is an experienced pilot and career sales person whose success depends on your satisfaction. Selling Mooney aircraft is his primary business.
  • Strategic Aircraft has close relationships with experienced Mooney service technicians for prequalification and export assistance.
  • You can help by being prepared to tell us all there is to know about your airplane. Our mutual trust is important.
  • Determining an aircraft value and writing strategic advertising will be the result of a personal owner interview, flight test, mechanical prequalification and market comparisons.
  • Today’s purchaser is educated and everyone’s ultimate satisfaction will depend on a professional pre-purchase inspection. We cannot risk a sale by discovering a problem with an offer in hand.
  • We know that selling an airplane is a time consuming process where success requires persistence and sometimes immediate action. Anything less can result in disappointment.
  • We know the importance of communication and pledge to keep our clients informed on sales activity and marketing strategies.
  • Use of a significant already developed prospect data base will be one of the first sales tools.
  • We have the ability to coordinate marketing or acquisition of trade-in aircraft that could make a difference.
  • Relationships with a specialized flight instructor, insurance and finance contacts will enhance the sales process.

We feel these ten points are critical to successfully marketing and selling aircraft.  As part of our incentive we support the costs of advertising and staff.  Our goal is to complete timely sales at fair prices.  We will help you through the process of determining a value and create the advertising.  Repeat clients and trust are our best sales tools.  When the time comes to consider a sale or trade of your airplane, we are there to help.

For the answers to questions or to list your airplane, contact Tim Lundquist at or call: 612-220-3963.